• A reservation agreement will be concluded with the client who has found a suitable apartment.
  • The reservation agreement is valid until the conclusion of a contract under the Law of obligations (up to 30 days). The reservation fee is 3,000 euros.

Conclusion of the contract under the law of obligations

  • Within the next 30 days, a notarial contract of sale is concluded.
  • On conclusion of the contract under the law of obligations the client pays 15% of the purchase price.
  • The term of completion of the apartment and handover to the buyer, as well as all other conditions shall be fixed in the contract under the law of obligations.

Conclusion of the real right contract

  • Upon completion of the apartment, a real right contract is concluded, with which the ownership of the completed apartment is transferred to the buyer and the buyer pays the remaining 85% of the purchase price.
  • With concluding the real right contract, the client becomes the owner of the apartment.

The contract fees includes:

  • completion of the apartment according to the interior finishing package and project chosen by the client;
  • fee for the construction and connection to utility networks (electricity, water, and sewerage);
  • readiness to connect to the data communication network;
  • landscaping and roads according to the project documentation;
  • at least one car parking space (added to the price of the apartment);
  • at least one storage room on the ground floor (added to the price of the apartment).

The contract fee does not included:

  • notary fee and state fee (paid by the client);
  • fee for connection to telephone, data communication, cable television or digital network and security alarm system.