For city torn we created four different interior solutions, which are inspired by the top trends in today’s interior architecture. The package bright embodies lightness and brightness, making your home even more spacious. Dark accent is found in the package dark, that embodies elegance and mystery.

You experience the majestic luxury with finishing packages premium and luxury with trendy and high-quality furnishing selection that leave no one indifferent. Natural parquet in selected shades, as well as terrazzo and marble tiles with classic mat black sanitary ware catch your eye immediately. Choose a solution that suits your taste, because you are the best value!

„Our style is to create timely and very functional living spaces, that are also really beautiful.”

Interior architects Liina Raudsepp & Margot Laisaar

Great offers for Reterra homeowners from quality partners

Everything necessary for decorating your new home can be found with our good partners. Special deals are available for Reterra clients.


Hektor Light has been operating in the lighting business since 1994. Our skilled experts can recommend personalized and stylish lighting solutions. Our salons are in Tallinn and in Tartu.



Sofaservice is an Estonian company specializing in furniture manufacturing based on clients’ specific requirements. Our goal is to create furniture that is comfortable, beautiful, practical, and made from high quality materials. Visit our showroom in Tabasalu Centre, Kallaste tn 7.



Ardrai specializes in kitchen furniture, as well as different wardrobe solutions and bathroom furniture. For Raemõisa homeowners, Ardrai offers a 20% discount, so you can furnish your new home with quality custom furniture.



Decorate your home with quality design pieces. Furgner offers a 15% discount on Rowico design furniture and Furgner couches. Find your pieces in our online shop or visit our salon at Sakala 7.



For help or ideas on how to design your home or office windows, come to Kardinal salon at Maakri 19/2. Our experienced designers offer complete solutions for all textiles, starting with measurements and designs and ending with installation.



Uneleja giftshop offers children and their parents Nordic design bedlinen, playing with images, shapes and colours, to make bedrooms harmonious for the entire family. The company’s creative designers are Kristel Laurits from Denmark, Irina Ylänne from Finland, and Lumimari from Estonia.



Are you looking for items that would make your everyday life more special? Welcome to Ruuby, where you can find everything from interior furnishings to gourmet produts – all in one place! Come visit Ruuby and dive into a selection of unique products that represent your life and style exactly as you wish. Our items are carefully selected, to bring more beauty, joy and comfort in your life. All Reterra clients are offered a 15% discount.



Aunman is an Estonian company, specializing in premium class custom furniture. We offer tailored solutions using innovative technologies, guaranteeing high quality for all our products. Only the best materials are used in the production process. With 18 years of experience, we have proven ourselves to be a trustworthy partner for domestic and international customers alike. For Reterra homeowners we offer a special 20% discount.